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Health is a Journey

About Us

Health is a journey. Don't walk alone.

Our Story

It all started with a little kid's dream. From a very young age, Doug knew he wanted to make a difference. After many years of dedicated study, practical learning, and hard work, Doug is now Dr. Phillip D. Cochran. The same childlike attitude of the little dreaming boy has been supplemented with years of clinical wisdom and a stubborn grit to ensure his patients have the best care possible.

Dr. Cochran's philosophy of medicine can be summed up in the name of the practice: Evangelion Medical. Why "Evangelion"? Evangelion is the Greek word for "gospel" or "good news." Healing was a major theme of Jesus of Nazareth's ministry. Jesus cared about suffering people. He met them where they were at and provided physical, mental, and spiritual healing to people in desperate need. Jesus came "to bind up the brokenhearted; and to proclaim liberty to the captives" (Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:19). "He went about doing good and healing all" (Acts 10:38).

Dr. Cochran believes that Jesus is still active today. Jesus is still the "Great Physician" and the "Wonderful Counselor." Dr. Cochran wants his medical practice to be a conduit of Jesus's grace and mercy. He and his staff are committed to providing holistic care to all people from all walks of life that treats body, mind, and spirit . 

Now with more treatment options than ever, Evangelion Medical is prepared to help you meet your health goals. From family medicine, to preventative and restorative therapy, to mental health and wellness, Dr. Cochran and his team are excited to partner with you so that you can meet your holistic health goals. Click here to read more about our staff, or click here to see a full list of Evangelion's offerings! 



Evangelion Medical Front Lobby
Evangelion Medical waiting room
Mental Health in Midland

Note on Health Insurance:

Evangelion Medical accepts many major health insurances including commercial United Healthcare, commercial Blue Cross Blue Shield, commercial Aetna, and commercial Cigna.  We provide no guarantee that your insurance provider will cover any or all treatments, procedures, or services. Contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage. Please note that Evangelion Medical does not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or HMO Insurance.

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